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Pick one of our curated boxes or customize your own with the highest quality pasture-raised meats, cheeses, and/or stone ground flour. Our subscription options include cuts of pork, chicken, and/or beef. Add-ons include things like smoked nitrate-free bacon, sausages, smoked ham, cheese, flour, etc. 

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Your meat is frozen and carefully packed into a compostable box or reusable insulated tote bag. All orders are hand delivered by our farm staff. All deliveries are made the first Wednesday of every month! Delivery is always free! 


Rest assured you are getting the highest quality food available. We're working on providing recipes for all of our meats, but in the meantime don't hesitate to ask us for cooking tips! 

Our Practices

We raise pigs, chickens, and grow vegetables. We offer beef, flour, and cheese from local farmers that stand out in their commitment to environmental stewardship, ethical production, and exceptional food quality. Below you can learn about all of our specific farming practices, but across the board we don't use GMOs, growth hormones, or antibiotics.       


All the pork available is raised by us, Avrom Farm in Green Lake, Wisconsin. We raise Berkshire and Tamworth breeds of pigs because they are the right fit for our values. These heritage breed pigs are excellent foragers and are able to supplement their diet of non-gmo barley, flax meal, corn, and oats with lush grasses and other plants we grow for them in our pastures. We also feed vegetable scraps from the vegetable side of our farm and whey from a local creamery to complete their balanced diet and encourage excellent meat quality. 


Our pigs don't just have "access to pasture". They are rotationally grazed through small field paddocks weekly to make sure that they have access to lush vegetation to eat. Although this takes quite a bit more time and management, the ethical and sustainable effects of these practices make it a no-brainer. 
The combination of a diverse and balanced diet, active lifestyle, and our carefully chosen Berkshire x Tamworth cross breed give our pork incredible marbling, flavor, and texture.    



All the chicken available is raised by us in Green Lake, Wisconsin. We've chosen a breed that was initially bred by French organic farmers to grow vigorously on pasture and to have the best flavor. We raise our birds in large mobile "range coops", which are bottomless hoop houses on skids that we drag across the pasture. We get our chicks delivered from the hatchery and keep them contained in the range coop for 3 weeks with heat lamps until they are big enough to venture out on their own. After the first 3 weeks the chickens are not contained at all. They associate the hoop house as their home and won't venture too far from it, allowing us to give them total free range over the pasture. We move the range coops every day to fresh pasture so that the chickens can make their way around the farm gleaning fresh shoots, bugs, and plants. We have 5 Great Pyrenees dogs that roam the farm and have been trained to protect our chickens from predators like hawks, eagles, fox, raccoons, and the many other wild animals that would otherwise take advantage of our laissez-faire practices. 


Aside from what the chickens glean from the pasture, we feed them a ration of non-gmo barley, flax meal, corn, and oats. Similar to our pigs, the carefully chosen breed and diet of our chickens combined with their active lifestyle results in incredibly flavorful chicken that equally tender. 



The beef are raised by our friends Clover Hill Farms in Campbellsport, Wisconsin. They have an equally unconventional farm as ours in that they are committed to creating a farm-system that conserves resources and promotes the health of their ecosystem while producing exceptional products. Many of their conservation efforts are the reason that their beef is so unique. Clover Hill raises a black angus x dual purpose dairy breed. The cattle are raised in open barns with deep bedding and a quarter of their diet consists of fruit and vegetable seconds from regional grocery stores. The produce that expires at grocery stores come in by the semi-truck load and are fed to their cattle instead of ending up in a landfill - wasting such a nutritious resource. The remainder of their diet consists of fermented grasses and a small amount of non-gmo grain to add extra marbling. 
The pictures of the beef cuts speak for themselves. Their beef is incredibly marbled, which is an indicator for rich flavor and tenderness. All the beef we offer is dry-aged for 28 days. Dry aging is not commonly done because it is easier to wet age meat. Dry-aging this beef makes it even more tender and flavorful. 



All the cheese we offer comes from Red Barn Family Farms in Appleton, Wisconsin. They have partnered with a handful of small pasture-based dairy farmers that focus on raising happy and healthy cows on pasture to produce the best tasting milk. Red Barn's world class cheesemakers transform this artisan milk into delicious and unique cheese that you probably won't find at your local grocery store or cheese shop. 

This original recipe cheese is bright and complex, highlighting the excellence achieved by our small family farms.

Creamy and full-flavored, our Monterey Jack is the perfect melting cheese.

Our signature cheddar is a nod to the heritage of small family farming that we work to preserve. Available in mild and 1 yr aged. 

This original recipe cheese is firm and sweet with notes of caramel and toasted pineapple. Pairing our top quality milk with a Master Cheesemaker helped Cupola earn a 2019 ACS Best of Class.

Weis Cheddar is clothbound and hand-dipped in a beautiful red wax. This variety has earned 22 awards at the U.S. & World Cheese Championships.


The flour we offer comes from our friends Meadowlark Organics in Spring Green, Wisconsin. We wanted to carry their flour because they do an excellent job stewarding their land and producing a delicious product. All their flour is certified organic and comes from varieties of grain that have been chosen for flavor and qualities that many artisan bakeries from Central Wisconsin to Chicago seek to make their baked goods exceptional. Their flour is also stone-ground, which is necessary for preserving the flavor and nutritional content of the flour.  
Many of these flours are "bolted", which is a term used to describe the sifting process of stone-ground flour to remove a portion of the bran. This process of bolting removes 75% of the bran, leaving enough to add flavor and improve nutrition. 


Turkey Red is a heritage variety of wheat that was widely grown in Wisconsin a century ago. This flour has moderate protein, and excellent all-round baking qualities. 

Available as bolted or whole wheat. Red Fife is a heritage variety of hard red spring wheat grown in Canada as far back as 1840. With high protein and complex, nutty flavor, this flour is ideally suited for bread baking.

This whole wheat flour contains 100% of the flavor and nutrition of the wheat. 

This spelt is a versatile ancient wheat known for its rich nutty flavor, and is found by some to be more easily digestible than modern wheat. Use spelt in pastries, cakes, cookies, and as a component of pizza dough and breads.

Rye is a hearty cereal grain used extensively in the baking of northern and eastern Europe. Use it on its own for a dense, flavorful sourdough, or blend with our all purpose or bread flours for cookies, pastries, pizza dough, and breads. 

Bread flour, bolted

Our bread flour is milled from hard red spring wheat, and with a higher protein is ideal for your bread recipes. 

Our cornmeal is made from a unique open-pollinated flint variety, for which he have hand selected seed over several years. With a noticeable sweetness, this coarsely ground cornmeal makes delicious polenta or grits.

Our cornmeal is made from a unique open-pollinated flint variety, for which he have hand selected seed over several years. With a noticeable sweetness, this coarsely ground cornmeal makes delicious polenta or grits. Perfect for cornbread and other baked goods

All purpose flour, bolted

This is versatile, unique and flour. Our all purpose is milled from hard red winter wheat, contains moderate protein, and works well for everything from cakes, to biscuits, and waffles, to bread.